Through Art I find Faith in Humanity!


I see Art as a celebration of the human spirit. While seemingly unique to the individual it also serves as a constant reminder that we are one people not bound by Borders, Race or Ideology. Art is the great unifier in the sense that a painting does not tell me the color of the hand that crafted it. It speaks to some greater universal truth. In that way I too endeavor to transcend the perceptions and limitations that others might seek to place on me. I am an artist and therefore strive to see with open eyes and be seen by those that truly wish to see!


I do not feign to possess truth. I create for the glimpses that it affords me. I create as a seeker. My art is a reminder that I am meant for more than just connection to the material world. A creative life provides me the opportunity to look up at the stars and wonder at my place in the universe.


My goal is to take images or ideas and tweak them in an effort to illustrate the notion that reality is a myth. That what we perceive to be reality is nothing more than the manifestation of individual or collective consciousness and therefore completely malleable at all times. Art as a reflection of Life (and vice versa).






Given the complete fallibility and utter ambiguity that is our ever changing, ever shifting social norms, i.e. collective behavior completely lacking in any sort of absolute moral truth, my art can only reflect that for which I am, a Chronicler, a Seeker, a Student, struggling to understand the gift of time on this plane of existence.


While largely known as a creative photographer, I work in any medium that allows me the ability to bring ideas to fruition. I abhor the moniker of the “Male Artist Ego” and therefore collaborate with others as much as possible. I can only hope that my work, in some small way, serves to acknowledge those that have inspired me, for I am nothing if not a collection of influences.


 ~ Martelle

© 2017 Martelle


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